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Acupressure for anxiety - how can telehealth help you?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

There is a lot of uncertainty these days. Life as we know it has completely changed. One thing that has stayed the same is that you have an incredible ability to adapt and heal.

Many doctors and therapists are offering virtual sessions right now. Also known as telehealth, mainstream medicine has been using virtual visits with great success even prior to the coronavirus epidemic. For example, rural or under-resourced hospitals use "Telestroke" to saves lives every day. Using videoconferencing, a specialist can work remotely with ER doctors to evaluate and diagnose acute stroke patients when a specialist isn't available on-site.


Acupuncturists are shifting gears and offering stress and pain management through telehealth. You can learn which acupuncture points are best for you and how to stimulate them without needles. A recent article in Travel and Leisure Webcam Acupressure Is the Wellness Service I Never Knew I’d End Up Needing explains more: "...[we] started off by getting to know what's been up with my body and mind lately. She intuitively came up with 10 different pressure points for me to work in circular motions with light pressure...Not only did each point completely surprise me with how powerfully effective it was, but I hadn't anticipated just how sensitive I would be to them with just the pressure of my hand...I'm relieved to know I can feel an amazing amount of relief without needles."

Patients at Bluestem Acupuncture have found telehealth an excellent way to continue your care and stay connected. Telehealth visits use secure privacy-protected videoconference or phone and typically last 30-60 minutes. We’ll discuss your immediate needs then collaborate on an effective treatment plan using acupressure and other non-needle elements like dietary therapy, herbal medicine, essential oils, breathing techniques and Tai Chi. Immediately following the session, I provide a detailed summary of our visit via email and will mail items such as essential oils, acupressure seeds, magnets or herbs directly to your home. Existing and new patients are encouraged to schedule telehealth.

Now is the time to observe how your body holds stress and tension causing physical and emotional pain and discover how to release it. Let’s work together and innovate, deepening your range of self-care and coping skills that will last a lifetime.

  • Convenience: meet comfortably from home

  • Privacy: health information protected using encrypted videoconference or phone

  • New skills: earn non-needle therapies to continue your acupuncture care

  • Efficiency: acupressure seeds, essential oils or herbs mailed directly to your home

  • Flexibility: pay online or send a check

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