We use a holistic and integrative approach offering the full potential of Chinese medicine. Your care may include acupressure, therapeutic essential oils, herbal medicine, moxabustion, cupping, gentle bodywork, nutrition counseling, and gentle bodywork.



Your first appointment includes an intake interview and treatment.
The interview is an opportunity to discuss your concerns and reasons for seeking treatment, review your health history and set goals for treatment. You will have plenty of time to ask questions.   

Next is an evaluation of pulse, functional tests to assess range of motion or other physical indicators and gentle palpation of acupuncture points.  The evaluation provides objective measures
to establish a baseline and clarify a diagnosis.


Acupuncture needles are extremely fine, sterile, individually
packaged and disposable.Many people say that they experience
a deep state of relaxation and renewal with acupuncture.  


At the conclusion of your session,  I will formulate a personalized treatment plan to help you reach your goals. Chinese medicine goes beyond needles, so I will offer you self care ideas to reinforce your treatment.  Weekly visits are recommended in the beginning of treatment to see most effective results.  Sessions are spaced out as your symptoms improve.  Some patients continue for preventative care or ongoing maintenance, as needed.

Virtual via Phone or Zoom 
Let's collaborate beyond needles.  I am  offering personalized support to help you set and reach your health goals.  Focus on stress reduction, managing chronic pain, holistic approaches to weight management, and emotional wellbeing. Gain new insights about how to create balance in life using eastern medicine principles.  

Chinese medicine incorporates diet and herbal medicine. Discover how foods affect you make informed, simple and empowered choices to improve and maintain your health.

Bluestem Acupuncture Treatment Room
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The first question is not 'What disease does my patient have?'
It is 'Who is my patient?' - Deepak Chopra


Watch this video to learn how a licensed acupuncturist can help you


  • Acupuncture continues to become integrated into mainstream healthcare due to the strong evidence base supporting its positive effects.

  • You can benefit from acupuncture if you are healing from an existing condition or for prevention.  

  • It is a proven approach for stress reduction and can improve the health of those who lead busy, stressful lives.