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  • Kelly Hora, MAc MS Bluestem Acupuncture, LLC

Acupuncture in the ER: Milwaukee, WI

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

The evidence is clear: Acupuncture is a proven treatment for pain and an alternative to opioids for many acute and chronic conditions.

Immediate access to acupuncture is correlated with reduced use of opioids and can prevent rates of narcotic addiction and overdose. Ideally more people will be offered acupuncture for pain management up front rather than as an alternative therapy when symptoms don't respond to conventional care. In many cases, regular acupuncture treatment not only reduces symptoms, but promotes systemic change that lead to lasting improvement.

How exciting that the Aurora Health System in Milwaukee, WI is providing patients with this powerful, non-addicting, and safe option when they admit to the emergency room with pain.

Emergency Room Entrance Signage

"Headaches, back pain, and nausea are all common conditions that doctors say can land people in the emergency room. Reportedly, up to 50% of patients have opted to receive acupuncture once admitted to the ER and are thrilled to find that acupuncture alleviates their pain" - without the addition of pain medications.

I hope stories like this will help to expand access to this powerful medicine. Take care, --- Kelly

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