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  • Kelly Hora, MAc,

Feeling stuck?

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Within 10 minutes, yesterday's severe hail storm was followed by clear skies and a rainbow. This morning we noticed the dim flashing lights from the school bus parked a few blocks away and were surprised that a large branch blocking the road had not yet been cleared. Kids led the way up the sidewalk to the bus, problem solvers that they are, but traffic kept the bus from backing up and going around the tree. What a metaphor for life! How interesting to see the range of reactions from parents, kids, and the driver about being stuck: frustration, worry, dismay, curiosity, delight...

traffic cone

The basis of Chinese medicine is to improve circulation and remove blockages to flow. This can be physical, as related to swelling and bruising following an acute injury or it can be emotional, such as a habituated state of anxiety or depression. Pain is an inherent part of life, however in health we are not stuck in pain or mental suffering. We strive to create as much movement as possible in a person's system so that symptoms improve and they can move forward with greater awareness and capacity to choose how to respond to what life brings.

As we parents sawed through the heavy branches and heaved the pieces of wood onto the curb, it reminded me of a successful acupuncture treatment. One in which we acknowledge an obstruction and find a creative way to improve the flow and circulation. Did you know that there are specific acupuncture points that strengthen our flexibility, creativity, and follow through? These points often relieve rigidity in the muscles and sinews, improve pain, and stimulate a person's sense of hopefulness.

Acupuncture treatment can guide your system towards greater flexibility, strength and resilience, whether you are dealing with a limiting sports injury, a recurring infection, or a persistent state of worry, fear or depression. The goal is to acknowledge where we are and find greater possibilities for movement and change.

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