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Integrative Medicine Cultivates Ease and Vitality

If you are looking for support for existing symptoms or want to reduce the impacts of stress on your life, acupuncture is an excellent option


Acupuncture can be integrated into your existing health  

care plan and is gentle, relaxing and safe for all ages.

Evidence shows it reduces stress and anxiety while stimulating your body's natural healing processes. 


At Bluestem Acupuncture you'll experience deep listening and expertise for a collaborative approach.   

Discover your potential for improvement and lasting change.

Kelly Hora, Licensed Acupuncturist

Acupuncture is More than Needles
It's a complete medical system.  

Let's work together to discover your path to better health. 

flower and acupuncture needles


Acupuncture can relieve inflammation, improve circulation and regulate the nervous system. Research shows that endorphins are released and tissues relax, resulting in pain relief, improved function and better health.  

colorful display of fresh vegetables

Herbal Medicine & Nutrition

Chinese medicine incorporates diet and herbal medicine. Discover how foods affect you make informed, simple and empowered choices to improve and maintain your health.  

glass cups and acpuncture needles

Gua Sha & Cupping

Cupping and Gua Sha use gentle stimulation to improve circulation and relax tense tissues for improved immune function and immediate improvement in range of motion and pain management.

people practicing tai chi

Meditation & Stress Reduction

Breathing and movement release tension and relax your nervous system. Meditation can calm your mind, release stress and help you feel more grounded and connected. 

About Our Clinic

Bluestem Acupuncture has been serving the greater Madison community since 2005.  

The Quarry Arts Building is ADA compliant and offers heated garage parking, metro bus access and a healing garden oasis in the heart of Madison. Medical grade air filtration and other sanitation practices are in place for your safety.

We accept VA referrals, private pay, and some insurances.

New patients are welcome. 

Bluestem Acupuncture Clinic
Bluestem Acupuncture Clinic
Bluestem Acupuncture Meditation Garden
Quarry Arts Building
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