Acupuncture offers a solution for both physical and emotional concerns. Evidence shows it reduces stress and anxiety while stimulating your body's natural healing processes.  Acupuncture can be integrated into your existing health care plan and is gentle, relaxing and safe for all ages.  We are currently providing a combination of in-person and virtual telehealth visits.















Telehealth and Office Visits are Available 

We are actively working with new and existing patients in virtual sessions (telehealth) and in the clinic.  
Whether we meet virtually or in person, learn how acupressure, aromatherapy, diet, and breathing practices compliment acupuncture.  Let's work together to find solutions for this moment that will last a lifetime.  

Acupuncture is More than Needles
It's a complete medical system.  

Let's work together to discover your path to better health.


 Gua Sha

Herbal Medicine


Breathing Practices

Cupping and Gua Sha invigorate immune function, loosen stiff muscles, and relieve pain and stagnation in the body.  Immediate improvement in range of motion and reduced pain are common.  Cupping creates gentle suction and Gua Sha uses massage strokes to improve circulation and relax tense tissues.  


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Chinese medicine is rooted in a depth of understanding about the role of food, diet and nutrition in health and healing.  Discover the impacts of certain foods on your system and how to make informed, simple and empowered choices to improve and maintain your health.  Eating properly can ease many health conditions.

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Acupuncture points are selected and stimulated to relieve inflammation, improve circulation and regulate the nervous system.  Studies show that acupuncture points and meridians have an anatomical basis confirming their effectiveness. Traditionally described as energy medicine, clinical research shows that endorphins are released and tension in soft tissues shift, resulting in relaxation and improved function.  


Breathing and movement practices release tension, support internal healing and relax the nervous system.  For centuries, people of all ages use Qi Gong,Tai Chi, and breathing practices to support their health.  

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