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Enjoy the convenience of shopping online while supporting 

small businesses, artisans, and trusted suppliers. 


Vitamins, Supplements, Herbs

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Online Dispensary

Do you shop online for vitamins & supplements?  


Browse my new online dispensary for your favorite items.  I trust this distributor for reliable products and excellent customer service.  

Contact me if you'd like me to add a specific product you use to my inventory!


I don’t recommend buying supplements and herbs on Amazon or Ebay. There’s enough research out there that you can’t be sure you’re actually getting what you ordered, that’s it’s not expired, etc.  

Acupressure and Wellness Supplies

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Menu Flavors
Fig Pistachio

Breakfast Cure® Organic Pre-Packaged Meals


makes mealtime easy with organic prepackaged dishes that cook overnight. Wake up to a hot, healthy, homemade breakfast that cooks while you sleep. Or enjoy a savory lunch or dinner that cooks while you are hard at work. No planning, shopping, prepping, or cooking. What will you do with your extra time?


Warm, well-cooked foods are easy to digest, soothing and build energy. Foods that are easy to digest and absorb deliver the nutrients you need without all the effort. The net effect is an overall energy and metabolism boost.


In Chinese medicine warm foods build stoke the fires of digestion and improve health.  Check out all the flavors!   Meals are shipped directly to you through individual orders or by subscription.  


Treat yourself or share with a friend for a great gift!

Table Runner
Gift Package
Block Print

Cardamom Designs® Hand Block Print Textiles

Cardamom Designs was born out of a 25 year long love affair with India. 

Founder, Kate (my acupuncture classmate) used her sabbatical in India to build relationships with traditional artisans that could help her fulfill this vision to create a line of colorful hand block printed products for the home and wardrobe. This collaboration with the artisans, the freedom to create her own textile designs and the deepened connection with the rich and colorful culture of India have fueled the creation of Cardamom Designs.

Holiday gift sets pair a hand block printed bandana or tea towel with a pine and citrus scented, soy candle from Old Pine Candle Co. and a spearmint, cedarwood, and eucalyptus essential oil scented bar of soap from Mountain Time Soap Shop. You'll be supporting 3 small Colorado businesses that offer handmade, small batch, environmentally friendly products.  Or choose from Cardomom Designs kitchen or wardrobe pieces. 

Free shipping during the holiday season!

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