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Chinese medicine is rooted in a depth of understanding about the role of food and nutrition in health and healing.   


When you come for acupuncture, we can discuss how to make informed, simple and empowered choices to improve and maintain your health.


Experience a Holistic Approach

Modern nutrition focuses on how vitamins, minerals and       macronutrients affect our physiology.  Traditional nutrition complements that with insight about how certain foods can be cooling (reduce inflammation), nourishing (build energy and stamina), warming (improve circulation and digestion), etc.  

  • The first step is to reflect on what you already know!  Most of us have a sense of one or two habits we could change that would improve our health - such as eating breakfast, reducing sweets, or eat less on the run.   Start there first.

  • After that, we can layer in other strategies that can help you meet your goals.   I am available to offer suggestions, create meal plans, motivate and encourage you.  

  • If you know what to eat, but get stuck in how to make it happen, let's talk about how to prepare the foods your body needs and make it feasible to eat the way you want to.

Chopping Vegetables
Table Setting
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