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Bluestem Acupuncture, LLC  715 Hill Street Suite 130 Madison, WI 53705 608.335.7311


// Your first visit

When you arrive for your first appointment, we will begin by discussing your concerns, your goals for treatment and your health history. You will have plenty of time to ask questions. Your session will include pulse reading, diagnosis and an acupuncture treatment. 

Acupuncture needles are extremely fine, sterile, individually packaged and disposable. Many people say that they experience a deep state of relaxation and renewal after their treatment.  


At the conclusion of your session,  I will formulate a personalized treatment plan to help you reach your goals.  Chinese medicine goes beyond needles, and you may receive nutrition, movement, breathing or another lifestyle suggestion to reinforce the acupuncture and help you retain the benefits of your treatment.  


First Appointment Checklist:

  • Complete Health History & Consent Paperwork (sent via email)

  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing

  • Have a small meal or snack within two hours of your appointment

The first question is not 'What disease does my patient have?'
It is 'Who is my patient?' - Deepak Chopra


Acupuncture sessions include acupressure, therapeutic essential oils, moxabustion, cupping, gentle bodywork, and nutrition counseling, as needed. No additional fees are added for these services. 


To schedule an appointment or free initial consultation, book online​ or call the office at 608-335-7311.

Insurance; Flex & HSA's; Veterans VA Benefits

  • Insurance policies vary.  Call your plan  to see if they provide a benefit for acupuncture.  If your policy covers acupuncture we are happy to bill out of network benefits.

  • Flex Accounts and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) generally reimburse for acupuncture.  

  • Veterans can receive acupuncture though the VA Benefits program with no co-pay and we bill the VA directly.  Veterans must receive an referral from their primary care provider to authorize this.  Request Bluestem Acupuncture as your provider.   MORE INFORMATION FOR VETERANS HERE

Q&A Consult 
Free (20 minutes) via telephone or in the office

Initial Consultation and Treatment ADULT

$120 (90-120 minutes) includes health history intake, pulse diagnosis, and acupuncture.


Follow- Up Visit ADULT
$80 (60 minutes) Re-evaluation and Treatment


Initial Consultation and Treatment CHILD
$60 (30 minute acupressure/essential oils session AND 20-30 minute health history interview with parent via telephone or in the office).


Follow-Up Visit CHILD
$40 (30 minute) Re-evaluation and Treatment


We offer student rates for full time students.


Packages and pre-paid visits are available.  

$380 for 5 follow-up sessions

$775 for 10 follow-up sessions

*All posted rates are estimate for time of service payments.  

Please contact the office at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment if you need to reschedule as a courtesy to others who may be waiting for an opening.  Cancellations wth less than 24 hours notice will be charged a fee.