Sanitation & Screening Procedures

In anticipation of re-opening the office I've updated all our office sanitation procedures. Starting this week Bluestem will be open for both telehealth and limited in-person appointments. To ensure our safety, here are steps we'll all need to follow to comply with CDC guidelines. Only one patient will be seen at a time to allow time to properly clean and disinfect between visits. Steps for you to take before arriving for your appointment If you have any symptoms, such as a cough or fever, please reschedule. If anyone in your family, or a person you’ve been in contact with, has these symptoms now or in the last 14 days please reschedule Please take your temperature before leaving for your

Acupressure for Stress and Anxiety Relief: acupuncture points are within your reach!

The covid-19 pandemic is inherently stressful. Consequences to financial, physical and emotional health vary from person to person and family to family, but we all share the need to access moments of calm and feel safe. Even without needles you can work with acupressure points to guide your nervous system to a calmer state and feel reassured. Inherently stressful, this chapter in our lives can guide us to develop coping skills that will be forever useful. I developed this acupressure sequence during a virtual session working with a patient using telehealth. Try this acupressure sequence if you are feeling anxious or having trouble sleeping. These points are also great for strengthenin

Improve Respiratory, Lung and Immune Health with Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient movement practice using coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation to cultivate health, improve circulation and promote wellbeing. Renown author of A Manual of Acupuncture, Peter Deadman, shares a three part Qi Gong practice to support the lungs. According to Chinese Medicine, the lungs are strongly associated with the immune system. Follow along with this practice to enjoy ease of breath and tension. Part One: Breath Part Two: Movements for the lungs Part Three: Massage and Tapping *if you are fatigued, have limited mobility or are recovering from an illness experiment with simply watching the movements and notice what shifts for you internal

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