Self Care: Calming Neck Release + Music

I am excited to share this simple neck release I've been doing to chill out and reset! First, a little background: The vagus nerve is one of the cranial nerves that begins in the skull and connects several organs with the brain. It is an essential part of our nervous system that regulates our arousal. When we are in danger, anxious, or need to fight we depend on our sympathetic nervous system to shunt blood to our muscular system so we can react quickly! When we are safe, the vagus nerve signals the body to resume blood flow to the intestines, slow the heart rate, relax respiration and allow all systems to rest. Research on vagal tone shows that it has positive clinical affects on digest

Covid-19 Insights from Chinese Medicine

What does it mean to be careful? How does self-care affect others? As a child, we’re reminded to be careful crossing the street. One option is to find contentment on the side of the street we’re already on, so as to avoid any unnecessary risk. Another is to approach ‘full of care’ - to pause, look both ways, and confidently move forward. In many ways this public health scenario asks us to do both. And to focus attention on how we care for ourselves and the impact that has on others. That ‘self care’ benefits ourselves and others is an important reminder and my hope is that we can engage in self care as a strategy to shift our minds from worry and panic when those feelings arise. I’d li

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