Acupuncture & Sleep

Last week I gave a presentation about acupuncture to a group of people who experience insomnia. I put together this handout to teach basic acupressure techniques that can be calming before bedtime. Try it and tell me what you experience!!

Acupuncture for Veterans is in Demand

I've had the privilege of offering acupuncture to a growing number of veterans this year. Did you know that veterans can receive acupuncture through the VA Benefits program with no co-pay? Veterans must ask their primary care provider for an acupuncture authorization for pain management. Request Bluestem Acupuncture as your provider to be seen at Quarry Arts. Request UW as your provider to be seen at UW at the American Center. Reach out to me directly if you have any questions about this process. Advocating for greater access to acupuncture on state and national levels is an ongoing passion! These pictures are from Acupuncture Advocacy days in Madison and Washington DC that were org

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