Home from Japan: Miyawaki Sensei's Clinic

I just returned from a week of travel with my family to Japan. The very first day of my trip began with a visit to Miyawaki-Sensei's clinic in Osaka, Japan. Sensei has been in practice in this space for 30 years and is a revered teacher of the Toyohari and Meridian Acupuncture Traditions. These traditions were born in Japan, an evolution of acupuncture as practiced in China. Miyawaki-Sensei is one of a long lineage of blind acupuncturists; these traditions incorporate palpation for diagnosis and use non-penetrating tools and needles to create a therapeutic response. From left: Osaka-based acupuncturist and translator, Toru, Miyawaki-Sensei, his wife and fellow acupuncturist. As most phy

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