Feeling stuck?

Within 10 minutes, yesterday's severe hail storm was followed by clear skies and a rainbow. This morning we noticed the dim flashing lights from the school bus parked a few blocks away and were surprised that a large branch blocking the road had not yet been cleared. Kids led the way up the sidewalk to the bus, problem solvers that they are, but traffic kept the bus from backing up and going around the tree. What a metaphor for life! How interesting to see the range of reactions from parents, kids, and the driver about being stuck: frustration, worry, dismay, curiosity, delight... The basis of Chinese medicine is to improve circulation and remove blockages to flow. This can be physical,

"I think it's done some good"

A female patient with sacral pain and numbness in her feet returned to clinic today. The first words out of her mouth were "I think it's done some good". She continued to explain that after her first acupuncture treatment she feels less stiffness and pain in her lower back and more feeling in the toe most affected by neuropathy. By the way, she added, "I had an optimistic dream, and I don't have optimistic dreams." Acupuncture is an evolving medicine with roots in a culture that lived over 2000 years ago. While in modern times, we strive to remember the mind/body connection and reincorporate it into our health care system, Chinese medicine is inherently holistic, as the mind and body hav

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