Symptoms are Not the Whole Story

Stop for a moment and think about your all-time favorite movie. As beautiful and charismatic as the actors may be, its the sizzle of a hot romance, excitement of the meticulously calibrated bank heist, the cat and mouse thrill of the chase that brings the film to life. The synergy and dynamics of all the elements working together make it pop. That’s all Chinese medicine cares about. A reliable mechanic doesn’t disable the warning light on your car’s check engine indicator. They become curious about all the possible reasons why the engine light went on checking and rechecking the connections in the vehicle before deciding how to get you back on the road. Why should healthcare work any differ

Happy Lunar New Year

If asked to explain the word RESOLUTION I'd say it's the resolve to evolve. Each year millions reenact the age-old ritual of self improvement and commitment on New Year's day by making a resolution. And research shows that only 12% keep it! What will it take to improve those odds? The root of Chinese medicine is to align purpose with the will, which is like finding good dry wood and lighting it. The fire burns brilliantly with one match - an expression of aspiration with plenty of fuel. Will power gets us through tough spots, however the premium on being busy, working hard, and pushing to the extreme is only as valuable as the reason we are doing it. So its essential to know what that

Soup For Syria

Learn about Kelly's recent volunteer trip to Lesvos Greece helping refugees with Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Listen to Kelly's interview on WORT 89.9.

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